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Yearly population projections for the fifty American states till 2050

US Census has population projections through 2060, and is also the data behind both of the sources you already found. State population projections (except for Vermont) list from the Census. Not ...
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Shapefile or GeoJSON of all Caribbean Islands

The OSMData Land Polygons include all land areas in the world, which should mean it includes the data you are looking for. It's derived from natural:coastline rather than place:island, so it shouldn't ...
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Free database or API of all North American businesses

As an aside, all British Company data is available at Companies House via the web interface or via CSV files: http://download.companieshouse.gov.uk/en_output.html
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North American housing and real-estate appraisal data

Affordable housing is difficult to track as there are intricacies to the process: Is it Housing Choice Voucher Program (Previously Section 8), is it a an established property that specifically handles ...
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List of Codified Laws from Around the World in Structured Format?

I don't know much but am wondering the same thing. Here are some resources to start, from the Library of Congress (copied for reference): Free American State Papers, 1789-1838 (Contains the ...
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Looking for land value data for anywhere in North America especially for Florida

Parcel data in the state of Florida is typically open and available. Assessed values can be used but this isn't actual home values or cost of land for ROW. That's a very different thing. 1) https://...
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Canada, USA - fuel stations, grocery stores

If you are by any chances affiliated to a Canadian university you get free access to DMTI POI data that includes all that information for Canada. All of this is located in the Scholar GeoPortal ...
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Free database or API of all North American businesses

https://brex.io offers API access to query business data from the US States. It's not 100% complete but only a few states are missing.
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