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Master Song Database containing popular titles and artists

If you're looking for some other options, I suggest checking out the Wikipedia page on this topic. You can find it at the link below: List of online music databases I have not used them all, but ...
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Master Song Database containing popular titles and artists

The Million Song Dataset has this information as well as other features about the song itself. You can download the entire 300GB file as a flat file, or download a 1% sample. The full field list can ...
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Music lyrics timing data

I think what you are looking for are .lrc files aka scrollable lyrics
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Where can I find a dataset of songs labeled with their genre, BPM and key?

AcousticBrainz is a database of algorithmically derived music metadata, including BPM, Key, moods, and genres. The database is keyed by acoustIDs, and you can find the acoustIDs for a particular track ...
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Music partitions for piano

There is a wide selection of sheet music that was created with the Musescore, the leading open-source music notation program. You can filter by instrument and licence. Please note that there is a ...
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MIDI files on

The UCI Machine Learning repository has 1 and 2 music datasets for analysis.
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Does this violate copyright of music/lyrics/sound?

As long as you don't keep the song anywhere on your servers, and have clear warnings "Do not transform songs that you are not allowed to transform", I believe you don't risk that much. You are just an ...
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Dataset with personal information (eg. gender, age) and movie preferences

Have a look at the Netflix Challenge dataset. Netflix wanted to find a better recommendation algorithm, so it will certainly contain what you're looking for.
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Music database like IMDb

By far the largest music resource is MusicBrainz. It will return the cover photo; I'm not sure about the sample. AllMusic and Discogs have been mentioned. Spotify has an API, I think it is worth ...
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Where can a list of popular recording artists and their songs be downloaded

The following Kaggle dataset contains csv files of around 600k audio tracks with associated artists' names:
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Is there an open data somewhere that has information on musical bands

Have a look at I think it has what you're looking for.
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MIR (Music Information Retrieval) Corpus suggestions

You are on the right path,so you can either use a dataset providing the valence and arousal levels as meta data or the emotions. The first type is more frequent and easier to find but if you are ...
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computer data set of Mozart piano sonatas

The best I could find are some Lilypond [1] files - written in a variant of Scheme [2] - hosted on Mutopia. There are only 2 of the 17 pieces you are looking for. Mutopia: search for Mozart+...
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