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Are you looking for business related machine learning use cases (link here with, there are many- finance, risk use cases are perhaps the most well known right now but there are lots.


PapersWithCode Browse State-of-the-Art 3,076 benchmarks • 1,689 tasks • 2,719 datasets • 27,765 papers with code All data is licensed under the CC BY-SA license, the same as Wikipedia. The vast majority of the data is either annotated by the community or by them. However, they also included data from other resources that are published under a compatible ...


Model Zoo Discover open-source deep learning code and pre-trained models. Model Zoo curates and provides a platform for deep learning researchers to easily find pre-trained models for a variety of platforms and uses. We regularly update the site and provide filtering functionality for users to find models that they need, either for educational purposes, ...

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