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Regarding git repo: it's not stale, it was updated about a month ago. Still, there aren't newer/larger and available datasets just yet. If you stumble upon one - just drop a line here, I'll merge it with mine. Anyway, here are some relevant posts: Dataset of domain names List of all http sites in the world


One approach would be to use a record search engine to identify those records that could match your own records. In addition, in my opinion, it would be a good idea to include identifier data records in your own publicated data records, which could make it easier to identify your own data in case of doubt. Starting points for the search could be: European ...


The following links include various resources related to your search: Action Databases: this a list of various datasets of images, videos performing basic actions along with their labels Kinetics collection of large-scale, high-quality datasets of URL links of up to 650,000 video clips that cover 400/600/700 human action classes.

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