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Dump of WikiLeaks

October the 18th 2016: was made publicly visible and file dates and timestamps changed to 1984.
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Obtaining personal mail corpus

One of the positive things about leaks and data breaches is that they can spawn new corpuses. Note that since these were obtained illegally, you may not want to use them. Both because IANAL and don't ...
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Obtaining personal mail corpus

Library of Virginia has archived emails during Tim Kaine's governorship: Kaine Email Project @ LVA A Guide To The Governor Timothy M. Kaine Administration Electronic Files, Email, 2002-2010 (Bulk 2006-...
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How to Navigate Wikileak Torrents (

Each individual "Leaks" package often have a link to the direct download from You don't necessarily need to use the torrents Here's an example -- start at
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