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Here is a dataset of emails of a governor in Florida. It contains all email communications this governor made from 1999 to 2007. It contains about 280K emails. It was made public for political reasons I believe.


UPDATE: the link and details below are currently not available. For details, see You can find the torrent links for all the Wikileaks data on the site. You can either download everything, or select files by "project", as folders or single files: torrents (1827 in total at time of ...


You'll have to do some Google detective work, but you can find individual .mbox files that have been shared online, perhaps accidentally. Steps: Search google for "filetype:mbox" Start removing top hits, like "Facebook" and "List, using the '-' (minus) operator: example. Add a search term for typical ways files are shared, like FTP: example. Iterate over ...


You can download raw emails from the Wikileaks data backup site ( Search the file page for 'email'. Clicking on that link will bring you to an HTML email page. But you can find the corresponding email files, and perhaps .mbox formats, with the torrent download - LINK.


About 3,000 of Hillary Clinton's mails were released. Some of the mails are redacted. Official DOS release Batch version


The Sunlight Foundation has created websites for two released email datasets (Sarah Palin and Elena Kagan). Unfortunately, both domains are not functioning. Blog posts: one and two and three. Luckily, their github repos with code & data still exist! Sarah Palin - original emails were released on paper and several news organizations have done OCR to ...


October the 18th 2016: was made publicly visible and file dates and timestamps changed to 1984.


One of the positive things about leaks and data breaches is that they can spawn new corpuses. Note that since these were obtained illegally, you may not want to use them. Both because IANAL and don't know if there are legal issues and because people could see it as unethical. Some of these can also be politically charged topics, so I'd advise not using many ...


Library of Virginia has archived emails during Tim Kaine's governorship: Kaine Email Project @ LVA A Guide To The Governor Timothy M. Kaine Administration Electronic Files, Email, 2002-2010 (Bulk 2006-2009) Search the Collection


Each individual "Leaks" package often have a link to the direct download from You don't necessarily need to use the torrents Here's an example -- start at Scroll down to "Download entire raw dataset for all published Podesta Emails here", which is a link to

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