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Looking for a free dataset of book titles classified by some well-established and unified classification system

I think you may be underestimating the BL dataset - the "researcher-format" CSVs are small themed sets of papers, but the ones just above it on that page include the British National ...
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List of alphabet and other character data per language as structured data?

If Wikipedia has the unstructured data, chances are Wikidata has the structured data. :-) After finding natural writing system in Wikidata, to get you started I wrote this query: SELECT ?...
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A file of all Korean language words?

There exists a JSON dump of the Korean entries of the English Wiktionary: https://kaikki.org/dictionary/Korean/index.html I haven't checked it, but the Korean entries on the Chinese Wiktionary have ...
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Online Dictionary for Scraping

i found a website with 10,000 words that I'm using for my project. mabey this will work? https://www.mit.edu/~ecprice/wordlist.10000
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Speech audio databases with phonemes labelled

There is an auxiliary dataset of phoneme labels for the Librispeech corpus. It can be found here Zenodo: LibriSpeech Alignments.
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