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Seeking shapefile for project work in India

As @PolyGeo said, this is a question for Open Data SE. But you can get a such data from here (although they might be a bit outdated). It contains the KOZHIKODE City for sure. I imported the village....
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Is there a dataset of temperatures in India before 1947?

It is difficult to obtain such old datasets. Depending what you are trying to do you could use the 20th century reanlysis made by NOAA-CIRES. The description of the dataset: https://www.esrl.noaa....
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Any APIs available that provide data of Indian vehicles?

Yes below company is providing Indian vehicle details by API. But it is paid.
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Indian Movie Database?

Yes, there is. Try Cinemalytics - The Bollywood Movie Database. They provide free RESTful APIs to access database. This can be used for commercial use as well.
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Finding ward level administrative boundary data for india?

Village level boundaries for many parts of India is available here as JSON files as per 2001 census data
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English to Telugu and Telugu to English dictionary database

How about Wiktionary? Bulk downloads are available:
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Seeking household income district wise for entire India

If you're looking for data from across the country, you need to explore the national statistics site:
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Seeking locations data of all police stations in India

I'll put the OSM queries here as an answer, although the person asking the question has stated that OSM doesn't have nearly all entries. There are two main keywords to query: "police=*" &...
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Is there any dataset of Indian Traffics Signs?

I would do a google search "road signs India". I found this Wikipedia article had some clear pictures with descriptions in English. If you want Hindi or other language translation, I suspect a google ...
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Indian Religions/Castes List?

You can get the Wikipedia list of Indian Religions. The caste system has been banned in India. If you would like a basic dataset, you can look to this answer.
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Finding POI across India

How about the Google Places API? You can get place information that you see on Google Maps through searching. There is a free $200 quota per month, that may provide you enough?
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How to get get Rto data using vehical no in android studio

You can access the required data from the official website Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Government of India No Of Digitized Vehicles - 286,943,104 AFSIK Database access won't be ...
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Seeking Election Voting Data for Constituencies for Karnataka State Elections for 2013 and 2018

I found the below link for results of state and general elections:
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Get list of all villages/towns in India

Yo can get all the required data from official website The data seems to be divided into state level, so maybe you will have to download ~31 csvs'. They have csv, ods, etc. they also ...
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Mid-19th Century to Early-20th Century Mumbai/Bombay Population Data(sets)

It's been a long time since I used them, but as far as I remember the Indian Institute in Oxford (part of the Bodleian libraries) holds annual reports for each province of British India from the early-...
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Jeypore Reserve Forest in Assam, India Shapefile

Bhuvan (Indian Geo-Platform of ISRO) looks like a good place to find this data, although to be clear, I could not find it. Assum has it's own geo portal linked to in Bhuvan, though the search results ...
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Any APIs available that provide data of Indian vehicles?

Check the following links: Let me know if I misunderstood :(
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Data on income information for India, China, and West/East African nations with GIS coordinates

Looks like you are searching for something very specific and specialized. Have you checked out Quandl's databases by country? Here's the collection for China: ...
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