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There is likely none, any of the websites that offer ADS-B data are fairly easy to find, too trivial to list them here even. If none of the half dozen or so offer what you need (in particular for free), you might have to collect your own data or engage as a volunteer with one of them. I'm sure your work would be appreciated! That said, have you tried ...


I believe this api provides exactly what you are looking for - Amazon Price History API I recently published it and made available virtually for free in case you only need info about a few products.


For data related to households, you can get pre-1990 data from NHGIS Keep in mind, the U.S. Census changed the way the collect their "sample data" (items beyond the basic population county by age/race/sex - i.e. income, employment, etc) after the 2000 Census, when they switched to the American Community Survey (ACS). See the write up ...

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