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The website has a database of all Dutch castles, including coordinates, photos, paintings, and more information. Note that everything is in Dutch, but for the coordinates that shouldn't be a problem. The search page has a search option, if you select "intact" under "Toestand" it will give you a list of all 244 ...


The UK has separate heritage organisations for each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so the easiest way to do this is probably to get the data from Open Street Map. Features on OSM can be tagged as 'historic=castle' so you can download only features that have that tag. However, I'd suggest reading the documentation page that I've linked to ...


You can find the locations of registered battlefields in England and battlefield boundaries in Scotland on the website licensed under the Open Government Licence. Note that these files show battlefields as polygons, so if you want to extract a single lat/lon pair for each then you'll have to calculate the centroid of each polygon. There is also a ...


If you have not found one yet, Here is the link to it


I can suggest you algoseek. They provide historical data for stocks, ETFs, and ETNs from 2007. Also, they offer different kinds of datasets (tick data, daily OHLC etc). You can browse their products list on their website, also, there you can find samples and documentation per each dataset.

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