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Using the API from to access healthcare plan data

By non-price data/info (e.g., benefits, insurer HQ location) of national health plans, are you looking specifically for ACA (i.e., Obamacare) plans or all health plans that include group insurance ...
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API for searching Orphan Drug Designations and Approvals

chaohuang -- OpenFDA does not have an API for this dataset. And I can't find an API for it elsewhere either unfortunately. As a possible alternative approach, you may be able to implement a solution ...
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Pagination Type for Healthcare Finder API

Changing it from None to Custom seems to accomplish what I'm looking for which is a unique key for each request. I'm not sure why this works but when it was set to None, the keys were all 1. When set ...
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Syntax for tobacco use on API

Does this mean tobacco was last used two months ago? Most likely, yes. How would I indicate that tobacco was never used? Since this element is optional (minOccurs="0") — <xs:complexType name=...
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