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Google Map based on emergency location information

Regarding the request from philshem in the comments to the question, I will post my comment details as an answer. Disclosure: I am the author of the mentioned website. As a suggestion, as I feel it ...
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Where can I find historical natural disasters by country?

In the academic literature EM-DAT seems to be the standard. It is quite a comprehensive dataset covering ~21,000 disasters worldwide and going back to 1900 (don't know if that is historical enough). ...
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Multi-spectral high resolution satellite images for flood events

In June 2013, the City of Calgary, Alberta experienced severe flooding. The City has made very high resolution orthophoto mosaics available at no cost on their website. The licences specifies non-...
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Harvey Hurricane Disaster Area Data Sets

https://www.napsgfoundation.org/hurricane-harvey-resources/ links to sources that contain some of the information you want. Such as a link to https://respond-harvey-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com/, ...
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Vector data for Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) regions?

This file is really hard to find. But maybe parse http://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Products/atmosphere/vaac/boundaries.js and share the result? Parsing that .js was messy -- instead I made a GeoTIFF: ...
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Data about past floods (in the UK)

You could have look at Dartmouth Flood Observatory website. They provide 1985 to current (according to the website) flooding data worldwide. Data is available in textual formats like HTML (recent ...
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Major Flood Events in Indonesia

Quandl has these datasets: https://www.quandl.com/data/GEOCOMP?keyword=flood%20indonesia Hope this helps. [Disclosure: I work for Quandl]
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Database of evacuation sites in Japan (places to take refuge after a natural disaster)

Yahoo Japan collected 45,000 these entries at https://loco.yahoo.co.jp/search/?genrecd=0425 . There are also buttons to display them on map and such. Example entry: https://loco.yahoo.co.jp/place/g-...

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