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Database of French companies

You can use the SIRENE database, maintained by INSEE, part of the French government. It is the official companies database, and has about 10 millions. It is updated everyday. It used to cost money, ...
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Data on building locations and characteristic in France

Buidings are available for Paris on the city opendata portal (with some wanted properties). Have a look on the following link :
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Data set of French Communes

I think this might be what you are looking for (at Liste des communes existantes au 1er janvier 2016
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Historical weather data in France (Sceaux)

BigQuery has NOAA data, this from the closest station I found to Sceaux: SELECT year, mo, da, temp FROM [bigquery-public-data:noaa_gsod.gsod2010] a JOIN ( SELECT name, usaf, wban FROM [bigquery-...
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France communes shapefiles

This is the best source I could point you to - Découpage administratif communal français issu d'OpenStreetMap
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Dataset of judicial decisions in France

You should be able to find it here - It is the official French government site for disseminating that type of information.
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