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FDA Response We don't keep the products that are discontinued in the searchable database. If you file an FOI request we can provide a dump of discontinued products from 2009 to present (this is the beginning of the electronic submissions). where FOI = Freedom of Information and the associated request link. Another option For $90 has an ...


openFDA feeds its NDC endpoint from the FDA's National Drug Code Directory you are referring to in your question, so if information is missing from NDC then it will also be missing from openFDA. I cannot think of any option other than submitting your question directly to the FDA.


At this point openFDA has no plans on making Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers available in Drug Labeling.


This document from (saved via the Wayback Machine) states: This clinical study was compiled using Sinclair Wound and Skin Emulsion product as submitted in 510(k) # K024367. Atopiclair" is the working name for Sinclair Wound and Skin Emulsion in this study. Searching for the working name provides some results I could be wrong about ...

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