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90ies Windows .exe database on CD: Extract underlying data

I received some help on it. Something along these lines with xor in Python did the job: with open('...dat', 'rb') as f: with open('...txt', 'w') as out: xor = 1 s = "" ...
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Tools and steps for converting 3-star data to 4 star

I assume that your are talking about the 5-star Open Data from Tim-Berners Lee. In this case, you can check this one about working with different kind of file types in Python. 3 star data is CSV and ...
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Working with Sample Surveys, Statistical Packages, and Fixed Format ASCII Data (.dct ,.do, .sas, .sps) and .dat

nces data are generally complex sample survey data, which means you'll eventually need a statistical package (sas, spss, stata, or R) to work with the microdata correctly. R is the only free option ...
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Best way to convert Excel Files to Open Data Formats

I would look at csvkit http://csvkit.readthedocs.org/en/0.9.1/ in particular the in2csv tool documented here http://csvkit.readthedocs.org/en/0.9.1/scripts/in2csv.html
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Best way to convert Excel Files to Open Data Formats

If you are trying to convert Excel to JSON there is a free tool that will do it http://www.exceltojson.com/
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Is there a tool to convert geoRSS into geoJSON?

Yes, ogr2ogr does this job efficiently. Install, GDAL/OGR then run below command. ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON target.geojson geoRSS.xml (here target.geojson is the geojson file to be generated, while geoRSS....
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Best way to convert Excel Files to Open Data Formats

I'd use Perl, I know there is a CPAN lib for that ant your webserver may also be able to use Perl out of the box. Search for it and you're done. Easier is Spreadsheet::Read + JSON::XS. It will end ...
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