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Vehicles Data and Images API The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a free API that provides VIN decoding and lists of Makes/Models/Manufacturers/Parts/etc. XML, JSON, CSV Here ...
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Vehicles Data and Images API

There is a github repo with SQL data, but only up to 2013 (of course, you can extend it) Automotive data including vehicle model, make, and ...
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Dataset of number of car accidents per cause in the United States

The NHTSA has a survey with reasons for crashes. Table 1. Driver, Vehicle, and Environment Related Critical Reasons Table 2. Driver‐Related Critical Reasons Table 3. Vehicle‐Related Critical Reasons ...
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Where can I get in-car-camera-data with speed?

The dataset used in the paper "Learning a Driving Simulator" seems to contain what you're after. The data is 7.25 hours of video files (45 GB compressed; 80 GB decompressed) annotated with measures ...
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Acquiring Used Car Sales Prices

I know this site has a lot of car price data, you might be able to reach out to the owner to see how much data is available.
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Database of Cars in Qatar

It seems as though right now, Qatar has open data policies in place, but are still fulfilling them on a case by case basis. They have explicitly stated on this site here:
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Data on car models, brands and type

Car Models by Manufacturer, Category, and Year A dataset with car models categorized by manufacturer, type (SUV, Sedan, etc), and manufacturing year. A developer is able to clone, connect, and ...
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Looking for data on British car specs/list prices/MSRP's for website design project

Have a try of the site. This particular link has some of the information which might get you part of the way. Since you are not looking to run a business, doing a "screen scrape" of the data ...
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Accelerometer dataset for car crash detection

Instead of the NHTSA FAR data, you may want to look at the NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database. This does contain accelerometer data. That said, I doubt they are using a phone's accelerometer to ...
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OBD II Sample Datasets

If you're still searching, is here a link to some serious ODB-II dataset : OBD-II datasets. Hope I helped.
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Drivers and Vehicles information Datasets

You can check the UK driving licencing agency site here:
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Diesel exhaust data, road vs. test lab

The German Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency) collects hourly data on NOx, ozone etc. at several hundred places in Germany. It seems that their web query GUI can export only one-hour .csv s, but the ...
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Data set of automobile performance

So you need the information for the US car market or for worldwide car market? Under performance you mean a sheet of technical specs? How about if their information is still available? ...
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Auto dealers database

You can use OpenStreetMap (OSM), which has the shop=car tag: you can use this browser tool to refine the query and ...
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Statistics on car life length for each car model?

United States of America The Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey conducted by the United States Census included the following information for trucks, which included SUV's and minivans: Vehicle ...
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