Capital Bikeshare has this. CitiBike seems to as well. Also, CityBikes looks really cool.


The service's map shows a map of stations: http://docomo-cycle.jp/minato/map/ Reading the JavaScript source code leads to a JSON file which contains the data with location names in Japanese: http://docomo-cycle.jp/minato/system/data/portnavi.json The location names in English are found by prepending 'en' in front of portnavi.json: http://docomo-cycle.jp/...


Capital Bikeshare's AWS server has data from 2010 4q - Current Cambridge, MA has data from 2015 - Current


motivateco, the firm charged with operating the city's now-public Bike Share program, have a list of XML and JSON feed for each city they operate in. They also release the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) which they are trying to push as a standard for bike sharing data publication. If you are looking for time series data check out: NYC ...


Wikipedia has a long list of Bikeshare programs And here is a github list of Bikeshare programs with data sharing Bike Share Data Systems (But it will be up to you to go through and find one suitable to your needs.)

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