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Data on the number of cats and dogs kept as pets in Asia and Africa

This Paper provides tables of ownership estimates of dogs and cats for most world countries. There is a description of the collection methodology.
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Where can I find earthquake resistant school design?

I'm not sure why schools in Africa should be designed in any different way than buildings for housing people for other purposes elsewhere. There might be constraints to do with cost, availability of ...
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Data on radio station tower locations in Africa

OpenCellid is an open cell tower database offered by Unwired Labs and claims to be "The world's largest Open Database of Cell Towers". You simply need to sign up for an API key to access the data via ...
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Seeking globally available road data for medium-scaled maps (1:200.000)

Despite your reluctance to use OSM data, check out osmfilter, and in particular objectfilter, which is exactly designed for this purpose. ./osmfilter africa.osm --keep="highway=primary =secondary" &...
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Rainfall, climate change data

The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts hosts a database with this information here: They require you to create an ...
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Spatial Wind Direction/Speed Data

The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts hosts a database with this information here: You'll want the 10 metre U wind ...
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Data on ethnicity of African names

I guess something like that would have to be computed from micro-data, prior to anonymization. Ideal would be censuses, but they are always conducted by the local statistical agencies and anonymized ...
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Data on radio station tower locations in Africa

Open Street Map has some data on radio towers.
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Theewaterskloof Dam Bathymetry

Inland bathymetry data for South Africa is not easy to locate. I found some sources that seem promising. I don't have time right now to fully dig through each of these sources to see if they have ...
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Georeferenced data on archeological discoveries in Africa

You'll often have a hard time finding open data relatively to that, as this kind of data is generally restricted or obfuscated to limit risk of archeological looting. For North Africa, there is the ...
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Landsat 5 missing archives in Africa

not sure about why. I am currently doing a project on Nigeria, and I have had issues finding particular images. I am using Landsat 8, 7 gave me murky images. Have you tried other landsat satellites?
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Social trust/faith in political system datasets for Africa pre-2000?

For 1995-1999, there would be the Corruption Perception Index from Transparency International which includes some African countries.
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I am looking for data on temperature by country

You can try: There you can select data by country and of course you can download time series data.
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Tanzania Life Table

Tanzania Life Table 2013 data collected from UNICEF website “State of the World children 2015 Tanzania Statistical table”
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Zimbabwe Satelitte Imagery

If this is what you are lookkng for and I'd check them out:
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Data on alcohol usage, addictions, disease in Africa

The Data on Alcohol and Tobacco in Africa (DATA) research unit based at the University of Cape Town makes its microlevel data (such as from surveys) available. To access this data you can use the ...
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