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Looking for spatially referenced aerial photos

USGS' Earth Explorer is an excellent resource for this type of imagery (unless the US Govt is on shutdown). In this case I would look for NAIP imagery in your area of interest.
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Satellite image data that allows input of a lat/lng and returns radius around coordinates

A major source for openly available Satellite Imagery is the USGS EarthExplorer Platform. This contains a huge swath of remotely-sensed data at the global scale going back to the 1980s and is updated ...
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2 votes

Satellite imagery dataset containing labels like building footprints or soil type

It sounds like you aren't just looking for satellite imagery but also feature data sets. Satellite imagery is really great for determining variables based on rad bands but getting down to the level of ...
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1 vote

Open access P Band Radar data

NASA's Remote Sensors definitely has P Band data; filter the table in the link for "P Band".
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Multi-spectral high resolution satellite images for flood events

In June 2013, the City of Calgary, Alberta experienced severe flooding. The City has made very high resolution orthophoto mosaics available at no cost on their website. The licences specifies non-...
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Aerial photos of different tide heights

Depending on the resolution that you require, you could try looking through the available European Space Agency satellite data
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Aerial or high quality satellite images from one area at different times in a day?

There's various Earth imagery programs, Landsat is one of them. Some of these programs can be found here: Select under 'data sets' either the aerial imagery or landsat, ...
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