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How do I query wiktionary for all personal names?

Wiktionary can be downloaded here. How can I extract all personal names? There's more than one category, so not sure how to go about that. Edit: I need this information in a format that Excel can read ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to download all audios of English words from Wiktionary

Inspired by this answer I downloaded 68563 pronunciation files(both mp3 and ogg), but I found that some audios are missing. For instance, cloze and demise. Then I tried WiktionaryParser: from ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to produce a list of all words of a given Language from Wiktionary?

Say I want to produce a list of all Latin words from the English Wiktionary (because Wiktionary in English contains the most complete dictionary for Latin, and perhaps for every language). More ...
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2 category intersection with PetScan not working?

I'm trying to create an intersection between two categories on Wiktionary using PetScan (, but I can't get it to work. What I've read says it should be ...
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Parse Wiktionary Data Dump XML Into MySQL Database

I'm just trying to parse Wiktionary Data Dump provided by Wikimedia. My intention is to parse that XML data dump into the MySQL database. I didn't find proper documentation regarding the structure of ...
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Creative commons licensed audio files of basic French vocabulary

I'm searching for a dataset that contains an audio file for every word of basic French vocabulary. Wiktionary has files but I don't know how to get them together, so that I don't have to download ...
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