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Questions tagged [wikivoyage]

For questions about data related to the collaboratively written travel guide Wikivoyage, of the Wikimedia Foundation.

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4 answers

Coordinates of all embassies and consulates

I am an editor at Wikivoyage (world travel guide), and for each city we list all embassies and consulates available in that city. Our problem is that this information quickly becomes out-of-date. ...
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Expressing restaurant information in RDF/XML

I am extracting a dataset from Wikivoyage's restaurants, and would like to have some feedback, to know how I can improve it before publication. For instance, this Wikivoyage restaurant description in ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Mapping between Wikivoyage article names and their Wikidata identifier

When I want to know the Wikidata identifier of a Wikivoyage article like Barcelona, I usually run this API call: wget --quiet -O - "
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How to express that a is located in a given Wikidata geographical entity?

I created this RDF restaurant description... <rdf:Description rdf:nodeID='Nb925d432-69b1-42e0-8063-d914e3504dde'> <rdf:type rdf:resource=''/> <schema:name&...
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