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Is it possible to output the ADF test in a table?

I want to check my variables for stationarity. I am using the adf.test() method from tseries. I tried: adf_results <- list( Vola = adf.test(data$Vola), Supply = adf.test(data$Supply), Tweets =...
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Small self-contained email datasets

For a research article, I am currently looking for a small, self-contained email dataset. The reason I'm saying small, is because many email datasets I've found so far contain a large amount of emails....
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Data set with time-series data for visualization exercise

I am trying to find a data set for data visualization purposes. This can be a data set which has only three months of data in it, or a subset of a larger data set. What reputable data sets can you ...
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superstore data analysis projects

where can I find good projects on retail/superstore data analysis and visualization? I am trying to see the scheme and how to go about it, as well as the different visualisation techniques used? ...
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Data source for global corona infection chains

Even though there is plenty of public data, I cannot find a source for the global infection chains of Corona. In other words, I am interested in the data that shows from where each infection has been ...
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Open Source Data Visualization Schema

I want to capture the data needed to create a visualization (data, series names, titles etc.) in a way that is not tied to my end charting library. The goal being that I could capture the charting ...
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Looking for a data-set of server performance data

I am looking for a data-set of server performance stats collected from one of more servers. Does anyone know where I could find or if someone can provide a data set - the project is to test some ...
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Where can I get information on US congress and government?

I want to make a website that displays information about the United States Congress and make it easy to understand. As far as I know the US congress has everything recorded and under the public domain ...
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Time-Series data viewer

Looking for a way of visualizing public power generation data. Typical data set has 1–5 years of hourly data, and anything up to 30 columns. Needing to pan and zoom, and perhaps select sections. Needs ...
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Looking for large multidimensional datasets

Where can I find large sample files with multidimensional data? I'm interesting in both categorical and mostly quantitative data. Anything from spatio-temporal weather simulations to health studies ...
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Infectiousness vs. deadliness for various diseases

I'm looking for a dataset of infectiousness vs. deadliness for various diseases and viruses. I was inspired by this visualization from The Guardian. I want to make some variations on this, but can't ...
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What are good examples of open data dashboards?

What are good examples of open data dashboards? This can either be: A dashboard that uses open data, for example the London City Dashboard (but better...) A collection of metrics about the open ...
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Graph visualization/analysis tool?

Since the Harvard Business Review claimed that Data Scientist is The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century, graph analysis and big data are becoming very popular topics at my university. I'm familiar with ...
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