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Related to the data processing of video, both real time and recorded.

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Where can I find recorded mathematics lectures in Chinese?

I'm learning Chinese, and in particular I'm interested in studying university-level mathematics in Chinese. I study Chinese while making YouTube videos; the existence of a (largely imaginary) ...
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How many Youtube videos have more than 100 million views?

For at least a billion views, I know that there are more than 400 videos. So there will probably be many thousands of videos with ay least 100M views. Where can I find the exact number? Ideally, I ...
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Dataset for human-level artificial intelligence

I think a human-centric multi-modal dataset (i.e.: head mounted binocular cameras, steroes mics, text transciption, skeletal pose, skin area contact) would be a great starting point for building human-...
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Index of YouTube video titles

I'm looking for a way to identify (as many as possible) YouTube videos on a certain topics based on a keywords occurring in their titles. YouTube Data API provides a way to search for videos based on ...
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Youtube Data API Limit requests

I'm working with an academic researcher on a project that involves sending a large volume of requests to the Youtube Data AAPI. The problem we've encountered is that the 10,000 unit daily request ...
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UAV dataset for machine learning

I am writing my master thesis about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the sensor-camera data. It will be used for navigation and obstacle avoidance. Does anybody know any sources that I can download some ...
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Dataset of explosion audio (or video with audio) recordings

Does anyone know if there is an audio dataset containing explosions? I'm trying to train a neural network in recognizing explosions sounds.
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Where can I get in-car-camera-data with speed?

I'm searching in-car-camera data set with vehicle speed at that time. If there is any place where I can get those data free?
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data with video to text transcription

I search data and script (java, python) where from video, text is transcripted into documents.I.E recognize speech from video to text i found this but ...
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psychotherapy video session

I am looking for real video sessions of psychotherapy on real people, and not just video lectures with theoretical material.That is, a video case study of work with various problems (depression, ...
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I am looking for i-Lids dataset for AVSS 2007

I am looking for the i-Lids dataset for AVSS 2007 but I am unable to find it online. The link for the data on the official website is broken. More specifically, I am interested in the abandoned ...
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Traffic camera video datasets

Before you refer me to this question, I must specify that I am looking for Video datasets, not still images. All links on that question refer to still images. Most cities/government websites provide ...
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downloading cctv video or live video

Is it possible to download long CCTV footage, or even better streaming it live? So if you want for example to write a program that recognizes objects from a video that would be possible. Long CCTV ...
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Find a home for (old) video datasets

While looking for some older sets like PETS2006, which seems to be no longer available, i wondered if there might be already a place for them to be shared forever. If there is none, i would encourage ...
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Is there any registry of active 24/7 animal video feeds (from public IP-like cameras)?

I am developing a IP-ish surveillance-like animals behaviour analyzing solution. I have some private video streams, but to check method robustness I need to be able to check on other animal types\...
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Are there any public agencies which are currently streaming real-time video data?

I'm engaged in a discussion with the network security department at a public agency with the goal of making their live video data publicly available on the Internet; currently the data never leaves ...
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Where to download dynamics demonstration videos for motion analysis?

I'm looking for videos of demonstrations/experiments of dynamics for download. Also they should be clear and of good quality. I want to use them in a video analysis program (
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