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Where can I find Hebrew and Greek Bible texts interlined with Strong's numbers in plain text or JSON format?

Example in Hebrew: Gen 1:1  בראשׁיתH7225 בראH1254 אלהיםH430 אתH853 השׁמיםH8064 ואתH853 הארץ׃H776  Example in Greek: Mat 1:1  βιβλοςG976 γενεσεωςG1078 ιησουG2424 χριστουG5547 υιουG5207 δαβιδG1138 ...
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Grouped vocabulary list as .txt or .csv files

I'm working on a project with email data.And simply i need to group up all the emails according to suitable categories. Therefore, i use the dictionary mapping method. So, My project required lots ...
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Any open public data sets for the Rugby World Cup (in England 2015)?

The Ruby World Cup 2015 kicked off in England on Sep/18 and runs until Oct/31. Wondering what's the state of open data for Rugby. Any open data sets available (incl. teams, players, squads, stadiums, ...
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