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Data on user-user trust ratings and user-item ratings

I am doing a research project on Recommender System, where I need data of user-item ratings and user-user trust ratings. Publicly available similar datasets are Film trust dataset Epinion dataset ...
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Displaying Trust and Data Provenance?

What would be the most useful way to display data provenance on an open data site? Overarching statements on the site seem to be limited in that amongst many datasets, at least some will likely have ...
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Open Data Conflict Resolution

Assume that a person moves from one address to another. They update their driver's license, which means the DMV has the correct address. However the Town Clerk has the previous address. Both the DMV ...
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How can I trust the authenticity of an open data source?

If some site claims to offer a definitive data source, how can I trust that it is not purposely biased? Even excluding elaborate conspiracies, how could I know that it isn't just a big hoax? It ...
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