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Ship Trip data which that shows passenger count?

Could some one please tell me if they know of a source of data that shows past passengers numbers for ships? Its specifically cruise ships the ROALD AMUNDSEN Passenger (Cruise) Ship, IMO 9813072 &...
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Exploring API Options for Ticketing and Group Purchases: Wizzair and Other Low-Cost Airlines

Do you know if Wizzair or any other low-cost airline provides an API that allows me to access booking information, specifically related to ticketing and group purchases? I am particularly interested ...
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Average/median hotel price per US county

I am looking for a dataset containing or allowing me to compute the average or median hotel price per US county. So far, I've only found the average rent per US county (visualization), but not for ...
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Travel warnings

Does anybody know a multi-country data source on travel warnings? I've data sources that cover general travel restrictions during Corona, and data of travel from one country (Country specific ...
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Finding POI across India

I'm looking for data containing point of interests or POI across India. Only place name, location and state will be enough. I don't need details like it's location or it's shape. Details like this ...
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Travel restrictions or quarantine regulations due to Covid19 (machine readable, if possible)

I'm looking for datasets (or webpages) from one or many countries that lists travel restrictions and quarantine requirements for travelers entering the country. For example, lists that countries ...
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Database of welcomeness towards tourists

Context In order to solve overtourism and generally improve tourists' experience, I want to add to my travel app a feature which suggests alternative destinations where tourists are more welcome. ...
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How many visitors from a specific country visit a specific destination?

In my case I want to know how many people from Argentina visit Orlando. I found several sources (UN DATA,UNWTO) that distribute information which specify the country of origin and country of ...
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Where can I find data to track migration out of Puerto Rico?

I am looking to track the migration of Puerto Rican nationals out of Puerto Rico post the devastating hurricanes. What datasets would be most effective for this? Travel data, flight data, etc.
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Human Movement Data

I'm interested in studying human movement (any type of transportation except aerial), specifically related to health. I would assume most of this data is owned by one possible creators/collectors of ...
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Long haul flight density at Dulles International Airport

I have an emergency department admission data-set for deep vein thrombosis. Long haul travel is a risk factor for DVT. I would like data on long haul travel to see if there is any correlation with DVT....
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Download list of the name of every airport in Western languages

I am looking for a list of all airports in all countries in all Western languages. At least, in all EU languages in a CSV or tab-separated download. Would appreciate any pointers
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Data for the number of departing tourists in each country?

I'm looking for the number of tourists in each country that go to another country, not the number of arriving tourists, which is readily available. Preferably by year. For example, here is a ranking ...
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Travel Trip Diaries

I am building an agent based traffic micro simulation and am looking for travel trip diaries of an individuals trips on a specific day. Usually, the trip will be done by origin, destination, mode of ...
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GPS or Printable map? [closed]

Question for you guys, especially travelers like me do you prefer GPS or printable maps? I don't know but from my latest trip, GPS wasn't much of help. I had to resort to pdf maps from this site http:/...
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Travel statistics by gender and country

Is there any statistics available that includes gender differences? I would like to know the rate of male vs female travelers. For example, something like this: Country: male% USA: 48% Germany: 43% ...
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Where can I find commercial flight information?

I want to start a data analysis project to analyze flight delay times in Madrid - Barajas airport and relate those to the time / distances used as thresholds to request a compensation from the airline ...
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