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Where is the ATX 3.0 spec?

A lot of new power supplies are marketed as (Advanced Technology Extended) ATX 3.0. Where can I find the ATX specification for ATX 3.0?
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Hospital spendings on IT services and infrastructure

How much do hospitals in the EU spend on Software, IT-consulting and IT-infrastructure (servers and such)? How much in individual countries, Germany being of particular interest? This is what I tried: ...
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Dataset of electro-mechanical data storage devices prices and storage capabilities

I am looking for a data set of electro-mechanical data storage devices prices and specs. In particular, I am interested in the prices of memory storage (e.g. Hard Disk, Solid State Hardisk etc. etc.) ...
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Focal length of both front and back cameras of popular smartphones

I need such a database of smartphones cameras: Each smartphone in the database must have the focal length of BOTH the front camera (typically used for selfies) and the back camera (typically used for ...
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Data on radio towers and radio stations in the US

Where can I find historical data on radio towers and radio stations in the United States? For example, the latitude/longitude, tower height, and transmitting power of every tower that existed in 1930, ...
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Database resource: amount of different operating systems across the years

I would like to perform data analysis of the amount of machines using different operating systems (Windows, Mac,Linux Android, etc.) across the years. Any idea where I could get the data? UPDATE I ...
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Database of HFOV+focal length+crop factor, for most cameras and smartphones

A photography app wants me to enter my camera's details: I have no idea what these numbers means (I entered the numbers pretty randomly), but I know the brand/model of my camera. Is there a database ...
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Is there a metals corrosion open dataset?

I am looking for a dataset to contain environment-metal details such as: humidity, temperature, chemistry, stress, erosion. Is there a metals corrosion open dataset, or one from which you could get ...
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LCD/OLED Historical Resolution, Size and Prices

We are looking for historical data on the resolution, size and prices of LCD and OLED displays (consumer or business). We are able to find current prices and also historical prices. Ideally, we ...
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