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7 votes
3 answers

Where can I find data on university expenditures?

I'd like to examine claims frequently made in popular articles about reasons for the rising cost of education, e.g.
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4 answers

Estimate of total public expenditure from governments around world?

I found in Twitter a great question related to Open Data SE. Maybe someone knows anything more. Does anyone know of an estimate of total public expenditure from governments around world?
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2 votes
2 answers

US Government Spending

Where can I find a summary of historical spending of the US federal government? I am not interested in budgets, I am interested in knowing what was actually spent.
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0 answers

Government procurement bids

The US federal government publishes contracts on and RFPs on Contracts contain extensive description of the vendor. But I haven't find the similarly detailed data on RFP ...
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Hospital Expenditure Dataset

I am looking for a data set containing expenditures of hospital/medical facility, ideally day to day, containing detailed spending information on items, supplies and other costs. Also, if there is ...
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Does anyone know where to get the disaggregated data from the 2013 Consumer Expenditure Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics?

I am doing research in econometrics and am in need of the disaggregated data from the 2013 Consumer Expenditure Survey. I would like to analyze it using R. When looking for the data on the Bureau of ...
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Where are civil fine amounts for vehicle traffic law violations documented?

We are interested in civil fine amounts for all vehicle traffic law violations for all states and jurisdictions. Does anyone know the website or open data portal that contains this information? It ...
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Consumer Expenditures by Census Tract

Does anyone know how to source Consumer Expenditures (CEX) by Census Tract? I know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers CEX by Metropolitan Area and Region but I can't seem to figure out how ...
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