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Does the Chinese Government have any open satellite imagery?

I'm looking for online data from Chinese satellites. I see them make the news frequently but is any of this public?
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Where to find number of objects in space per altitude?

What I want is the sources to plot a graph such as the figure 3-3 on this page but: Containing all objects whose size is greater than 10cm (including operational satellites) Raw numbers (the best ...
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Open database with public art?

I’m looking for an open database of art in public space. I’m aware of a few localized initiatives, with different levels of openness, but is there an open database that aims to collect all art in ...
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NOAA Satellite Data API?

Is there an API to access live (or semi-live?) data from NOAA satellites, such as the GOES-R series? I've been searching for weeks, and I know there are ways to manually access data through website ...
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What format is NASAs JPL Data Dictionary written in?

The Jet Propulsion Lab Data Dictionary which describes planetary data is written in some obsure format, and I'd like to know if there is an easy way to parse it.
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rail track data of the UK as arcs (lines consisting of lat long points)

I am looking for a free/open data source for rail tracks of the UK network (the rail network as arcs - lines). I have all the train station points as lat long pairs.
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Real-time position of artificial satellites

Is there a database containing the currently known course of most artificial satellites? For instance, satellite X is travelling at speed n and at time T it will be at point P. For all countries/...
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