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Which attributes may be used for Field Capacity, WIlting point and Available Water Content as mentioned in the metadata of SoilGrids v1?

I would like to use the layer for Field Capacity, Wilting Point & Available Water Content (difference between field capacity & wilting point). What does the following attribute mean as ...
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Looking For Land Emissions/ Soil Contamination Chemical Levels Data

I'm looking for any data showing soil/land emissions and/or soil contamination levels for the state of Pennsylvania. The only sources I found were on the EPA (using the TRI database) and this data ...
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Seeking soil depth data for Washington State?

I need to make a map of Whitman County showing different classes of soil depth available in Whitman County. I have been searching this data in SSURGO and the Web Soil Survey Database. The only thing ...
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Global/European soil properties database

I'm looking for global or European scale database / maps of soil properties. Resolution does not really matter even though the higher is the better. By soil properties, I mean: soil textural classes :...
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Where can I find highest resolution soil data from public domain in India?

Are there any soil data sources for the modeling of flood hazard or flood inundation for India?
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Searching for database for Colorado soils that goes back to 1990's

Are there any database for the soils database out there beside NRCS ? I am fully aware that NRCS has their database on their website but I was wondering if there is one that can't i find them ? I am ...
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