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Questions tagged [ski]

This tag is for questions related to the winter sport.

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0 answers

Latest new updated for GIS or CAD or KML for Colorado Datasets?

In the past , I have asked for Colorado Ski Areas here: Colorado Ski Areas GIS dataset There are very limited gis data that I am seeking to find more new information I am looking for new GIS or CAD ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Background data ski areas

For an assignment, I'm trying to visualize a specific ski route. The sample is taken with a GPS tracker in Obergurgl & Hoghgurgl, Austria. I am using QGIS for this assignment. I could insert the ...
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0 answers

Ski resort's lifts status and trains length API

Im looking for API that contains Europe's ski resorts data that include lifts and trails status, max/min altitude, ski pass information etc. this is the closest thing that i have found: http://...
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1 answer

Ski trails/piste map data

Is it possible to download ski trail/piste data for major European and other resorts? I'm looking for polyline data showing the major runs in a resort - the kind of data you'd see on a piste map. ...
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Colorado Ski Areas GIS dataset

I am looking for Colorado ski areas in GIS dataset out there that can I download or request them from an individual that worked on them.
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