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EAN transaction data set

I'm looking for a real set of shop transactions data contain EAN code ( as transaction item. Community, can you help?
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C2C commerce data set

I'm working on a research about recommender systems and I'm looking for a C2C e-commerce data set, the data set should contain transaction data with the buyer id, seller id, item id and some item ...
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Data on shop/restaurant discounts (preferably UK)

Apps like Groupon, VoucherCodes show shop and restaurant offers/discounts near you. Are there any open data sets containing discount information over a large period of time? I am looking preferably ...
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Download customer purchased data [duplicate]

I want to do customer behavior analysis for a retail store. Could you tell me where can i download customer purchased transaction/data?
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Where can I find some publicly available dataset for retail store companies? [duplicate]

I am looking for some publicly available dataset for retail store companies which (preferably) includes data about there stores and operations. I tried to look around but couldn't find any dataset ...
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