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Seeking a food product taxonomy

I am needing to develop a product taxonomy for foods and beverages that would work across multiple food providers. I need this to provide a code hierarchy for mapping specific products in a ...
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Question re: Recent full service restaurant data sweep (W&H Compliance)

I am working with the Wage & Hour Compliance Data to understand FLSA violations in the full-service restaurant sector and am using the WHD Whisard dataset. I am wondering if there has been a ...
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Data on shop/restaurant discounts (preferably UK)

Apps like Groupon, VoucherCodes show shop and restaurant offers/discounts near you. Are there any open data sets containing discount information over a large period of time? I am looking preferably ...
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List of all NYC bodegas and delis

I'm looking for a full list of NYC bodegas and delis. Could or could not have a spatial component. A list would suffice.
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augment/enrich latitude longitude data

I am looking for ways to augment/enrich latitude longitude data, to obtain for example information like this (for the EU/Europe and the UK): rural/urban area distance to lake/sea distance to nearest ...
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British pubs & restaurants : opening times and location

Google maps shows nearby pubs and restaurants. But it does not show if they are currently open, which is frustrating at some times of day. If I google search for the establishment, they often have ...
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