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Open data high resolution satellite images

I recently learned that there are satellite images with a resolution of 30 centimeters, coming from sensors launched on WorldView-3 and 4, and I think there are others as well. My question is whether ...
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I'm looking for a dataset related to environmental monitoring

I'm looking for a dataset related to environmental monitoring, made up of values obtained from various types of sensors (such as temperature, pressure, CO2...etc) for the purpose of a classification ...
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Data Source For Images (Soil Sealing, Water Bodies, Surface Flooding, Parks etc.), at Scale of 1:30000

I want image data sources for following conditions: Mapping soil sealing and water bodies at scale of 1:30000 Mapping surface flooding when there is persistent high cloud cover Mapping parks in urban ...
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High Resolution Digital Elevation Model for recent years

Where do I find SRTM or sentinel's high resolution DEMs for recent years? USGS is only giving the data till 2014, and I need at least for 2019. I've even tried sentinel hub but the cloud cover is too ...
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Where can I find wind speed and direction data for Pakistan?

I'm trying to link wind speed and direction to fire events from the NASA website. Does anyone know where I can find such data? Does anyone have any experience doing something like this?
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Anyone know of any open access satellite/aerial imagery that doesnt need a transformation for use in UK in ArcMAP?

I'd like some satellite imagery (high res a possible but not essential) for use in ArcMAP (10.7) without a transformation. I have high res (to cm scale) survey data to work with, the basic imagery ...
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