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Looking for Dataset on Car Reliability for Predictive Modeling

Hello Stack Exchange community, I hope this post finds you well. I am currently working on a project focused on predicting car reliability using machine learning techniques. To achieve this, I am in ...
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Cannot access to the OSM Boundaries website

I was using the OSM Boundaries website to download shpfiles of boundaries and using them in QGIS: Today, when I was attempted to access this website I get this message and I get the same result from ...
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Websites reliability database

It is a bit subjective, but we can all agree that is more reliable than Here I define "reliability" as the tendency to publish information that are considered true by the ...
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Multi-Sample Reliability Data that follows Weibull Distribution

I am looking for a real-worlds k-sample (k>3) reliability data (complete not censored) that follow a two-parameter Weibull distribution with shape parameter β and scale parameter θ. I want to ...
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Crowdsourced Open Data

If a government or a company publish their data as Open Data, you don't have a (theoretical) reason to not trust their data. But what happens when the data is a result of crowdsourcing. Can we trust ...
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Government shutdown causing linked open data to go away

With the government shutdown now upon us, and many groups going to be performing an 'orderly shutdown' of their systems in a few hours... How can systems that rely on linked open data make sure that ...
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