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For all questions and requests concerning or related to Python, a highly readable and dynamic, general purpose programming language.

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Looking for open dataset containing data for disease and symptoms

I am doing a data mining project on "health prediction system". So, Is there any open dataset containing data for disease and symptoms.
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Scraping vehicle reporting data from regulator's website

Website in question: Automakers are required to report on a quarterly basis to NHTSA any claims brought against them that involve death, injury or ...
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1 answer

Open database for JEL code crawling (using article names)

I'm currently working on a project to create a database (for analysis later on) of 100 journals, and all the articles for these journals between 1969 and 2014. This of course results in over half a ...
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Querying CKAN in Python using ckanapi

I used to query with ckanclient thusly: import ckanclient ckan = ckanclient.CkanClient('') search_params = { 'q': 'tags:"...
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CKAN - ckanext-scheming - Add dataset button

I've been following the instructions and the examples to configure ckanext-scheming extension (ckanext-scheming). I am able to access by URL to the different schemas (as the example shows) that I've ...
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World Bank via Pandas - looking up country regions

I am getting country data from World Bank via Pandas Remote Data API. Is there a way to get metadata for each country? In particular: Is it a country, or a region/group (e.g. Arab World or Upper ...
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