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Publishers: Identifiers & Imprints

I have a list of ca. 300 (academic) publishers entailing their commonly used names, such as Taylor & Francis. There are two problems now: 1.) Imprints: Some are imprints of other publishers. For ...
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What are some presentations that delve into the changes in academic publishing toward open access, pre-print archives, etc?

I am looking for slide desks, infographics, conference presentations, or blog posts that tease apart the shifting landscape of academic publishing and the ongoing battle between the "old guard" ...
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What are open source projects for setting up an academic pre-print archive?

The only one I know of so far is OSF pre-prints:
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I am looking for statistics on the percentage of children's books versus other genres in self-publishing

I have tried doing searches for this and can't seem to track down the exact numbers. The sources will list the top selling genres but that doesn't include children's books. I am giving a presentation ...
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Save Scraped Data to an Open Database

I want to scrape data periodically from a website and save it to a database that's should be readable by everybody. I thought about using a Google Docs Spreadsheet but the overall API management (...
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Newspaper ownership data

Is there a dataset of the ownership of newspapers in America? For example, it is common knowledge that Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, and that News Corp has bought the Wall Street Journal. I ...
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Is public information obtained through FOIA an example of Open Data?

I have collected information about a public school district in the U.S. I have obtained some of it through FOIA. Some of it was obtained from the district's website previously, although it is no ...
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How to publish annual datasets?

I work in the open data team for a large city. We have a number of datasets that are produced annually, such as budgets. I'm trying to choose between different options for publishing this data: ...
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