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Seeking locations data of all police stations in India

I want to get the locations of all the police stations in India. There is definitely some data which is present in the OpenStreetMap which I am able to crawl. However, there are about 15,579 police ...
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Is there a government database that tracks police-use of deadly force?

I'm looking to find all casualties with officer involvement, whether they were detained, tasered, or shot. Is there any official government source that tracks this and makes the data public? I see ...
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Listing of United States Police Departments?

Is there a list of the US Police Departments maintained at a federal level? I know the DOJ is supposed to be over them all? Does it maintain any such list, or any other federal agency?
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Realtime Nationwide (or as many states possible) Auto Crash/Incident data

I'm looking to create a database that will pull Realtime Nationwide (or as many states possible) Auto Crash/Incident information with the inclusion of the people that were involved in the incident(s) ...
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Where can I go to get statistics on iPhone thefts?

I'd like to know how many iPhones have been stolen since Activation Lock was introduced.
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Crime rate data for American cities

I'm writing a paper and I'm interested in monthly crime rates in American cities. The FBI database contains only yearly crime rates and it stops at 2012 (, and each ...
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Metrics for evaluating the effectiveness and fairness of local police departments and DA offices

I want to understand how my local police department and DA's office stack up against other municipalities in terms of budget support, effectiveness, fairness, job satisfaction and community ...
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Police Misconduct dataset?

Anyone know where I can find a good dataset on police misconducts? I'd like something similar to what RAND current has out on its site, but it looks like its pretty much a Twitter ...
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I need a list of medications, diagnoses, and medical terms for a police report auto publication project

I have a project with a police department in Washington State that is about to start where I will be automatically publishing police reports not requiring redaction per the state public records act. I ...
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Police precinct jurisdiction data for joining UCR with census

The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) contains crime data by individual police agency: These agencies have jurisdiction over a town or city, but for any particular city, ...
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Police car chase dataset

I'm looking for a dataset of police car (or motorbike) chases containing for each chase as many following labels as possible: date start time and end time start location and end location path taken ...
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