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For questions about data related to the area of North America, the continent that comprises Northern America, (the) Caribbean, and Central America.

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9 answers

Free database or API of all North American businesses

I'm looking for a free/open source downloadable database/API of all the businesses in North America. The sort of data that I'm looking for includes: name, address, industry, email address, website, ......
7 votes
2 answers

Bathymetric contour data for North America

I am looking for free Bathymetric contour data in shapefile format for depths between 0-200 meters for North America (including Canada, especially Vancouver, BC). I prefer contours at 10 meter ...
5 votes
1 answer

Shapefile for traditional culture areas of the Americas

I am searching for a shapefile showing the traditional indigenous culture areas of the Americas. Here's an example of pretty much exactly what I want (without the plotted tribal names) http://kids....
3 votes
1 answer

Shapefile or GeoJSON of all Caribbean Islands

I'm looking for a large-scale geospatial data set (or several components that could be merged) that includes all the islands of the Caribbean region. The trick is that as many of the physical ...
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3 votes
1 answer

North American housing and real-estate appraisal data

I am trying to perform spatial analysis regarding affordable housing across North American cities. Does anyone know of a source (city, commercial, or other website) which offers real estate or ...
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2 votes
1 answer

List of Codified Laws from Around the World in Structured Format?

I am wondering where can one find datasets with all the laws on Earth (or all the laws from every country).
1 vote
1 answer

Yearly population projections for the fifty American states till 2050

I'm looking for population projections for the fifty American states (yearly up till 2050). Are these available online, or in any academic papers? Thanks. I've found the following two sources; the ...
1 vote
1 answer

Looking for land value data for anywhere in North America especially for Florida

I am researching on road alignment optimization. The research goal is to find least cost road alignment between two given points, considering highway codes. One of the major costs which needs to be ...
1 vote
1 answer

Missing ACS Variables

Looks like a range of ACS variables regarding housing are missing for the ACS: B06013_001E BO6013_002E BO6013_003E BO6013_004E and others in this group as well. What is one to do when they are ...
1 vote
0 answers

Dataset about variation in human body weight during the day

I need a dataset that monitors the variation in human body weight at different parts of the day, preferably of Indian/South Asian population. I did an comprehensive research and pulled some relevant ...
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1 answer

Canada, USA - fuel stations, grocery stores

I am looking for free data where fuel stations and grocery stores are located in Canada and the USA, that can be exported/downloaded in any format (csv, shp, json, txt, kml, ...). Do you know of any ...
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