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A nonprofit organization (NPO) or not-for-profit organization is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends

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Match Excel Spread Sheet of Addresses to State Legislator

I work at a non-profit called the Georgia Justice Project. In February, we are hosting an event called Justice Day where people from across the state will gather at the capitol to lobby with their ...
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Reporting Poorly Secured Non-Public Use Federally Funded Data

I work for a non-profit and recently I applied for access to non-publicly available data. My concern is that this data is not very well protected, as it potentially contains personally identifiable ...
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How can I Share my Data Sets Without Worrying About Copyright Issues?

I'm doing a lot of research in the field of Digital Text Forensics (e.g., authorship attribution, authorship verification, or author profiling). In this field there are only very few data sets ...
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501c compensation dataset?

I know Guidestar offers a paid product for publicly available, practically hidden, nonprofit IRS 990 filings. Does this data live somewhere else?
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Case stories that highlight the SOCIAL IMPACT of open data? [closed]

We are collecting stories that highlight the SOCIAL impact of open data or digital transparency initiatives, especially cases from the Global South. Would be great if you can help by providing data ...
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Basic Financial Data for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

I'm looking for a data resource that contains financial and/or employment non-governmental organizations (NGOs). provides this kind of data for charities, but not for NGOs. For ...
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Open Data for having transparency of expenditures in running of an Orphanage?

I work for a company (in Australia) whose staff have been supporting costs of running an Orphanage for several years now. All the money has been coming from their personal contribution, I am a ...
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How does the Sunlight Foundation relate to Open Data?

Here are a couple of questions where the Sunlight Foundation is referenced: Does any City have POIA (Public Online Information act) laws in place? Open Data Scorecards? What is the purpose of the ...
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Where can I get bulk access to IRS 990 filings for US non-profits

There's another question about a list of all nonprofits, and this answer is kind of buried in the answers to that one. Also, this question came up today on the NICAR-L mailing list. It's a common ...
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Is there a complete list of all US tax-exempt nonprofits in machine-readable format?

I've seen they can be purchased from Guidestar, but wondered if there was an freely available open data source.
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