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Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence and machine learning that involves transforming or extracting useful information from natural language data.

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Twitter open datasets

Where can I get Twitter datasets available for analysis? I found two: The May 2011 Calufa Twitter Scrape Cheng-Caverlee-Lee September 2009 - January 2010 Twitter Scrape
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Large French dataset for NLP (not formal, rather discussions/reviews)

What am I looking for ? I'm looking for a big dataset (at least a few GB) containing French text. This french text should not have too much quality (such as literature or encyclopedias). Why this ...
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Dataset for queries that are questions or others

I am looking for a dataset of queries that are posted in live chats or service providing chats. I want to test my API for tagging a query that is entered by the customer as a question or not a ...
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ASCII Character Frequency Analysis

I've been looking for a table of the frequencies of all 128 ASCII characters, not just letters. The best table I've been able to find is this one, but that one only includes printable ASCII characters,...
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Physician notes with annotated PHI

I am looking for a data set of physician notes with annotated PHI (protected health information) as defined in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)'s de-identification guide (US ...
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Datasets based on casual conversations for chatterbots

I am building a chatterbot that can answer questions related to tennis. I wish to know if there any any available datasets than can answer casual questions like "How are you", "How is the weather ...
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Where can I find data set of tweets of users? [duplicate]

I am doing a project "Emotional prediction of user based on tweets", using data mining techniques. For this purpose, I need a data set of tweets of users. Please help.
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5 answers

Data set of news articles and scientific journals

I am working on a project in NLP area and in order to test the result I need to compare it against different data sources. I already have NYTimes data source. So, I am looking for another news source ...
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Spanish Sentiment Dataset

I'm looking for a Spanish language corpus tagged with sentiment (just positive & negative are needed, though neutral might be helpful.) I could use a Twitter dataset, but I'd prefer to use ...
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2 answers

Medical Terminology in Patient Medical Records - Public Data Sets

I am interested in sample data of real patient medical records (anonymized or demographics removed completely) for the purpose of running through NLP system - specifically diagnoses, admissions and ...
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Do you know a technique for text mining judicial decisions?

I'm trying to find a method to mine sepecific informations in judicial decisions (judge's name, court, area of law and neutral citation number[canadian way to cite decisions uniformly across the ...
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Dataset of Sentences Classified by Type?

Where can I find a labeled dataset of sentences classified by type (interrogative and declarative)? I'm particularly lookings for Russian sentences, but other open and labeled datasets of other ...
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2 answers

Where can I find machine readable transcribed text of the 2016 Presidential speeches and debates?

I'm looking for a machine-readable repository of transcribed Presidential debates and speeches from the 2016 general election. Structured data with a common format is desirable, as well as updates for ...
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Datasets for Topic Modeling

I'm looking to try and use deep learning methods for topic modeling as opposed to the more traditional methods of lda and word embedding methods. However, I'm having trouble finding good labeled ...
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How to use DBpedia to identify the topics

In the paper "Discovering Relevant Topics using DBPedia providing non-obvious recommendations" they have used skos:broader property and dcterms:subject property. In my task given the word I want to ...
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Index of YouTube video titles

I'm looking for a way to identify (as many as possible) YouTube videos on a certain topics based on a keywords occurring in their titles. YouTube Data API provides a way to search for videos based on ...
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Recent dump of names from

For years all names of all Facebook users were listed at Even without the links to the profiles themselves, it was a very useful dataset of diverse names and ...
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