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NGO - Non-Governmental Organization

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Dataset with informations about donations

Somebody know if exists some dataset with informations about donations? Like, how many people donate and the frequency they do it.
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Basic Financial Data for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

I'm looking for a data resource that contains financial and/or employment non-governmental organizations (NGOs). provides this kind of data for charities, but not for NGOs. For ...
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Solid Waste Production, Globally? Spatially Resolved?

I would like to know the rate of production and content of municipal and industrial solid waste, globally in units of mass per area or mass per city or region. I would be particularly interested in ...
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Data on income information for India, China, and West/East African nations with GIS coordinates

I am planning a project to look at the spatial-temporal spread of income over time. Hence, I am looking for data on household or individual level income information for India, China, and East/West ...
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Are there any international non-governmental data aggregators?

We are probably all familiar with Manyeyes and google public data explorer but those are always based on governmental Statistics bureau or OECD data. Are there any projects to aggregate data that is ...
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