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Questions tagged [names]

For human or animal names, or plants. But **not** for stores, cities, etc.

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3 votes
0 answers

Data on percentage of name in the UK and US

Where could I find datasets of the percentage of name in the UK and US? I am looking at both first name and surname. And is it even possible to find such dataset?
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0 answers

How can I figure out how many U.S. phonebooks contain a particular name?

I have several names (first + last in combination) that are fairly common in the US, but I want to know how widely geographically dispersed they are. So, for example, I can search at http://names....
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How do I query wiktionary for all personal names?

Wiktionary can be downloaded here. How can I extract all personal names? There's more than one category, so not sure how to go about that. Edit: I need this information in a format that Excel can read ...
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Corpus of Iranian surnames

I'm looking for a dataset of names and surnames. Preferably I would like to have Persian (Iranian) names, either in Latin script or Farsi. It doesn't matter if it is a dataset or a web site/web page ...
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2 votes
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List of surnames of popular people in English

My question is similar to this one. The difference is that I do not care about the ordinary people. All I need is a list of famous: scientists/inventors artists/musicians/authors politicians actors/...
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Database of given first names by country frequency and year

I have been able to source datasets of: (i) given first names and their gender (ii) given first names by country e.g. But not given first names ...
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0 answers

Is there a large database of unique surnames and their (origin) language?

Let me explain the phrases I use in my request: large: I'm looking for multiple languages (especially european languages if this constrain helps) and at least 2K surnames per language. But the more ...
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Recent dump of names from

For years all names of all Facebook users were listed at Even without the links to the profiles themselves, it was a very useful dataset of diverse names and ...
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