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For human or animal names, or plants. But **not** for stores, cities, etc.

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Data on percentage of name in the UK and US

Where could I find datasets of the percentage of name in the UK and US? I am looking at both first name and surname. And is it even possible to find such dataset?
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How can I figure out how many U.S. phonebooks contain a particular name?

I have several names (first + last in combination) that are fairly common in the US, but I want to know how widely geographically dispersed they are. So, for example, I can search at http://names....
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How do I query wiktionary for all personal names?

Wiktionary can be downloaded here. How can I extract all personal names? There's more than one category, so not sure how to go about that. Edit: I need this information in a format that Excel can read ...
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Corpus of Iranian surnames

I'm looking for a dataset of names and surnames. Preferably I would like to have Persian (Iranian) names, either in Latin script or Farsi. It doesn't matter if it is a dataset or a web site/web page ...
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List of surnames of popular people in English

My question is similar to this one. The difference is that I do not care about the ordinary people. All I need is a list of famous: scientists/inventors artists/musicians/authors politicians actors/...
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Database of given first names by country frequency and year

I have been able to source datasets of: (i) given first names and their gender (ii) given first names by country e.g. But not given first names ...
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Is there a large database of unique surnames and their (origin) language?

Let me explain the phrases I use in my request: large: I'm looking for multiple languages (especially european languages if this constrain helps) and at least 2K surnames per language. But the more ...
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Where can I find individual-level name and street address data?

I'm looking for, more or less, phone book type data, including full name, street addresses, and sex for the purpose of generating simulated data for research. This seems like it would be easy to find, ...
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Recent dump of names from

For years all names of all Facebook users were listed at Even without the links to the profiles themselves, it was a very useful dataset of diverse names and ...
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