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For questions about data related to armies, soldiers, wars, war weapons, etc.

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UK MoD Airfields and Firing Ranges

I'm trying to source shapefiles for UK Ministry of Defence airfields and firing ranges. Would anyone have an idea where to get them?
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3 answers

Are there military conflict open databases?

I want to make worldwide annual summary on military conflicts intensity.
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2 answers

Veteran employment statistics

I'm looking to find a source of data for employment statistics regarding veterans and transitioning military personnel. Specifically, how many new veterans and transitioning military enter the ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Rocket attacks dataset in Israel and State of Palestine

I'm looking for a dataset listing the rocket attacks in Israel and the State of Palestine with as many following fields as possible: timestamp GPS number of casualties reason for attack (e.g. a ...
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Product database for firearms, guns, ammo, weapons, munitions?

I'm looking specifically for retailer-oriented product information, like with UPC, MPN, manufacturer, product description. It's for a firearms-oriented product shopping / comparison site I'm working ...
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10 votes
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Where can I find a dataset of drones attacks?

I'm looking for a dataset of drone attacks containing: attack location (GPS coordinates if possible) number of injuries and deaths time and date Optionally: demographics information on casualties ...
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I'm looking for military discharge rates, the more focused the better

I'm looking for rates of military discharges by type - honorable, dishonorable, Other Than Honorable, Bad Behavior, Officer, ETC. It would be really, really awesome if I could find this information by ...
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