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Where can I find a dataset of company office addresses?

For an application I'm building, I need to find a list of all office addresses for large companies (e.g. the addresses for each of Google's 170+ offices, not just their headquarters). The closest ...
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Seeking latitude and longitude data for roads/highways

I wish to make an analysis where I intend to differentiate if my vehicle is on road or it is in other places like forests/farms/other land. For this I need either a database of coordinates of roads or ...
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Free Open Dataset for Alternate Names of Global Attractions

I have about 1 M global touristic attractions. I need an open-data, from which I can find the alternate names of most of them them in English. Do you have any idea?
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Open place names and geographic coordinates?

Is geonames the best data source for finding geographic place names for every place on earth? Or is there any open data that comes closer to the level of Google or Apple maps? Just looking for place ...
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In need of some open address data, that i can match against a list of UK postcodes

I have a JSON document full of UK postcodes, and I need the list of addresses that are matched to these postcodes. Does anyone know where I can find this data?
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Seeking list of all US cities and their latitude and longitude

I am looking for a list of all US cities and their latitude and longitude. Ideally something free will work but I'm willing to pay for it if its not too expensive and its complete.
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Where to find a dataset where each record includes location?

I am looking for a dataset for federated learning that includes the location of each client. For example a database for: word prediction where the location of each phone user is also included in the ...
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Identifying a superyacht from date and location

A while ago, while vacationing in a sunny island in the Mediterranean, I saw a beautiful superyacht anchored off a bay. I would like to know the name of this yacht and who designed it. I do not know ...
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Real-time vehicle fleet position data, United Kingdom

I am a software developer. I want to advertise that I can build vehicle tracking apps. To that end, I will place a live demo on my web page. I am looking for an API which I can query every 5 seconds ...
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Is there an alternative to Google Maps to find GPS coordinates of a place in Germany?

For probably any place on Earth, you can search it in Google Maps, make right-click, pick the option "What's here" and you get GPS coordinates. If I don't want to use Google Maps API, is there an ...
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British pubs & restaurants : opening times and location

Google maps shows nearby pubs and restaurants. But it does not show if they are currently open, which is frustrating at some times of day. If I google search for the establishment, they often have ...