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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population

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Raw data on sexual behavior

I am a college students doing a small research project on sexual behavior and was wondering if there was any raw data on sexual behavior that I would be able to access. It would really help me out. ...
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Same-sex couple data from American Community Survey (ACS)

I tried to find the same-sex data from ACS and collect them at the census tract level. There are some good information in the website (see below) but it doesn't specify which tables have such ...
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Individual-level data (e.g. survey) with information on sexual orientation

I am looking for data on the individual-level that contains information on the sexual orientation (or a reasonable correlate thereof). I would ideally like a data set like from the DHS program or the ...
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Looking for open source LGBT datasets

I have been looking for any general datasets about LGBT Americans. The type of file I look for are either CSV or TSV. Although my inquiry will hopefully yield some spatial indices at the county or ...
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