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Leak - a disclosure of secret, especially official, information, as to the news media, by an unnamed source.

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How to get data from pandora papers

From pandora papers we know that who are in that list. But how do i get pdf, excel sheets, images etc. types data,to use as evidence, from pandora papers for a person in that list ?
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How to Navigate Wikileak Torrents (

I can download Wikileak files from either or but I'm having difficulty identifying the files of interest. For example, at, you see "DNC Email ...
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Leaked Daesh (ISIS) Documents

This: dailymail - Names and family details of 22000 jihadis revealed by huge cache of leaked ISIS HR-forms. Of course, whether the names of family details should be published is debatable. But the ...
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Margin of software resellers

I am looking for data about the typical margins taken by software resellers. A software reseller takes a packaged software and sells them to their clients. Additional installation/integration ...
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Obtaining personal mail corpus

Are there any publicly available personal mailboxes except for the Enron corpus? Doesn't have to be a large corpus, even a single mailbox of a single person will help me (step by step...) ...
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Dump of WikiLeaks

Does a dump or scrape of WikiLeaks exist? I'm thinking of an equivalent to Wikipedia's database download: So far, I haven't found direct ...
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