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For data concerning land use, land classifications, landforms and land masses.

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Is there a free, large database of land sales in the US?

I'm looking for a database which contains: The location and ideally other basic information (acres). The sale price (and date sold) I am looking for something which is geared towards sales of mostly ...
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Open information on UK properties

I'm looking to find any open data on UK properties. I have already looked at all the VOA datasets. And I am aware that the commercial side of the land registry will be becoming free to access towards ...
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API or query tool for USGS Protected Areas Database of the United States?

Is there an API or query tool for something like this PAD-US system? I want to determine if GPS coordinates are public land or private land. I could only see downloads or ESRI maps available. PAD-US ...
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Land sale data Singapore

I'm trying to get historical records of land sale in Singapore. (For example, with the data it should be able to answer the question of whether Varsity Park sold land to The Stellar (or even vice ...
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Land cost data of the region Caucasus

I am using the R package 'prioritzr' to identify new possible conservation areas in the lesser caucasus for different species. One main data input to solve the problem is the average land cost per ...
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Land cadastre USA

I need to obtain cadastre information for all the USA limited to land terrain only, no urban zone. Is it possible to obtain this information? Does anybody know any services for WFS or SHP download?
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Land Ownership Data

I am conducting some research on land ownership within the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes complex located on the Central Coast of California. I need land ownership data but having trouble finding it. I was ...
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