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For questions about data related to the Japanese language.

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1 answer

Query Japanese verbs and their different conjugations

I am pretty new to SPARQL, and I am trying to query Japanese verbs and their different conjugations. I am not getting any results for the optional ?pastTense, and I can not grasp why. PREFIX wikibase: ...
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1 answer

Where to get lists of kaomoji (Japanese emoticons)?

Where can I find a downloadable database of Japanese-style emoticons (顔文字, kaomoji, "face characters")? The database should ideally be free. Examples of kaomoji are: {^.^}, (°Д°), (◕‿◕).
1 vote
1 answer

Are there any free datasets on Japanese company names available?

Are there any datasets that contains Japanese Company names? For example, ASICS Corporation's Japanese company name is "アシックス". If the datasets contains other information about the company ...
4 votes
1 answer

Japanese gairaigo database

The Japanese language has many terms imported from foreign languages, for instance タワー (pronounced "tawaa") means (and comes from) Tower. I am looking for a database of such term and the original ...
1 vote
2 answers

Japanese place/building names English translation database

Context OsmAnd is an OpenStreetMap-based map app. For Japan localities that don't have a name:en= parameter it displays junicode transliterations which are always wrong. rrobek has created an ...
13 votes
2 answers

Database of names of Japanese and non-Japanese people

I'd like to be able to determine if a person's name is likely to be a Japanese name, or likely to be a non-Japanese name. Unless someone's compiled an exhaustive list of Japanese, and non-Japanese ...
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1 answer

List of vocabulary (kanjis) for the JLPT1 exam

I am preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1. I am looking for a list of vocabulary (kanjis) that I should probably study for this test. I know there is no official list, but is ...
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1 answer

Database of Japanese words difficulty

I have a huge database of Japanese words and want to split them into flashcard decks of different difficulty levels. (actually for a GSoC project) For this, I need to know the "difficulty" of each ...