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IRS is the common acronym for Internal Revenue Service, the US Agency responsible for federal tax collection.

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How can I access the EIN (Employer Identification Number) data?

Suppose we need a service that would determine if someone is a Business, be able to verify it from the Company Name and the EIN provided.
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A free tool to find grants from IRS 990s?

At the beginning of 2016 the IRS finally opened up their electronically filed 990 forms from nonprofits (see article from the Sunlight Foundation). All of the 990 data is now machine-readable and ...
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How do I read these IRS SOI Tables for Individual Income?

Has anyone worked with the IRS SOI Tables for Individuals? I am doing research on income distribution, and while these resources in particular the series: All Returns: Sources of Income, Adjustments ...
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What is up with the "no adjusted gross income" data in the IRS SOI?

This is a rather specific question, but I'm wondering if others who have used IRS data have encountered this oddity. I'm looking at the IRS Statistics of Income for individuals here, specifically the ...
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Are zip-code-level IRS income tax data available for every year, in machine-readable fomat?

The IRS publishes income tax data by zip code for certain years (1998, 2001, 2004-2008 etc.) but a) certain years are missing, like 1999 and 2000, and b) only for 2008 and afterwards are the data ...
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IRS Codes in machine readable format

Are there any sources of machine readable IRS codes (e.g. state, country etc.)? For example, on the 1099-B instructions, the 1f code on this form. However I would like avoid having to scrape the pdf ...
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IRS Statistics of Income, machine-readable

Does anyone know of anyone else who has compiled a machine-readable set of the IRS's SOI Tax Stats - Historical Table 2, i.e., these? The .xls files available from the IRS are crosstabbed and ...
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Where can I get bulk access to IRS 990 filings for US non-profits

There's another question about a list of all nonprofits, and this answer is kind of buried in the answers to that one. Also, this question came up today on the NICAR-L mailing list. It's a common ...
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