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Ireland Eire Lidar DTM or DEM Data

I am trying to find Ireland/Eire Lidar data, at approx 2m resolution, for Digital Elevation Models or Digital Terrain Models. The Ordnance Survey have image files that are close, but these use a ...
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Seeking boundaries of administrative units of Ireland

I need to download a shapefile with the boundaries (polygon) of the administrative units (localities level) for Ireland. I have searched diva-gis and osm, but they do not have data to that level.
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Polygons for Irish Counties

I wish to produce a set of 32 polygons for each county on the island of Ireland. I found shapefiles here of all 32 counties: The problem is that there are no ...
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Seeking Irish PostAim (151) AnPost boundaries?

I’m trying to source a shapefile or equivalent for the postal (sorting offices) in Ireland. The boundaries are used in the SortIt AnPost online tool to sort mail but I can’t seem to find them for ...
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Books by category published annually in Ireland

UNESCO monitors both the number and type of books published per country per year. It's very intriguing for me to notice that Ireland is missing from this list. I was wondering how can I get such ...
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Secondary schools Ireland, UK & Finland

Does someone know where to find the contact information of all the secondary schools of Ireland, Finland and UK? I am researching for schoolnames, place, e-mail and post adress. I found already some ...
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ATM locations in UK and/or Ireland

I know lots of organizations and websites are publishing some of these but is there an open dataset with at a minimum of location and operator for ATMs in the UK and possible Ireland?
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