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For questions about data related to money that is earned from doing work or received from investments.

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International Median Income Data at City Level

I would like to investigate relationships between Airbnb city listing data, and median income. In the United States NHGIS works lovely, but how about internationally at the city level?
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How to get the different plan prices according to house income from the finder api

How to get the different plan prices according to house hold income from the finder api looks like I could not find an field name "HouseHold" in the schema.
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Area income data for percentiles other than the median?

I'm looking for data similar to the Area Median Income, except that provides information about other percentiles. For instance, what are the 10th or 90th percentiles of income in my county? I saw ...
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How do I read these IRS SOI Tables for Individual Income?

Has anyone worked with the IRS SOI Tables for Individuals? I am doing research on income distribution, and while these resources in particular the series: All Returns: Sources of Income, Adjustments ...
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Any data on average income by district in Seoul, South Korea?

I would like to access to any data on average income (or average household income or disposable income or whatever other similar statistics) depending on each district in Seoul, South Korea. If the ...
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Where can I get projections of the population by income level and age (such as population by income percentile) in a US county through 2040?

For example, a long-term projection of the population in Fulton County, GA (not this one specifically, just a random county I picked) with the number of people age 65+ earning more than $100,000, the ...
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Social connections, income/profession and intelligence

I have a hypothesis that people with more social connections on social networking sites will also tend to have higher incomes. What I lack is data. Does anyone know of any good data set for this? Is ...
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