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IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to improve the transparency of aid in order to increase its effectiveness in tackling poverty. IATI has developed and agreed a common, open, standard for the publication of aid information – the IATI standard.

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3 votes
1 answer

Is there an API for USAID's Aidtracker-Plus?

We've seen Aidtracker+ implementations at some country Missions. Is there an API available to access the underlying data? Alternatively is there a way to pull the data out of the SalesForce backend ...
6 votes
2 answers

Open data version of the Foreign Assistance Program Inventory? You wouldn’t know where I can find an open data version of the pdf (above)? With descriptions of “...
8 votes
5 answers

Standards for capturing organisational data like budgets, procurement, salaries

I'm currently starting a large project to capture and classify published CC-BY-NC data of an international aid organisation into standard open formats. (There's an overview of the project online at ...
1 vote
2 answers

Capturing development/aid project perfromance in IATI format

IATI Standard has "result" element, which includes "baseline" and "indicator" elements to represent project performance. Is there an example how it ...
2 votes
1 answer

Reporting non-country specific administrative spending in IATI standard

Is there a way to represent Administrative Fund spendings? e.g. organization overhead paying for organization's admin/hr functions at HQ, not allocated to specific countries aid/development projects. ...